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Minggu, 24 Juni 2012

Who Said Indonesia Had No Pyramids!

Who Said Indonesia Had No Pyramids-1
The puzzle of the pyramid in the mountain Pastures and the mountain Sadahurip, were still invited experts debate. But did you know, if Indonesia does already have a pyramid. Even more than one!
Rather difficult indeed if we insist on making the pyramids in Egypt as a form of reference pyramid. In fact, a number of archaeological experts say a typical pyramid-shaped step pyramid in Indonesia or punden gate.
With this definition, here are 4 typical pyramid detikTravel, Indonesia gathered Monday (20/2/2012):
1. Temple of Borobudur in Central Java
This is the largest Buddhist temple in the world! The grandeur of its architecture makes this temple a world heritage site of UNESCO and was nominated for the New 7 Wonders version of historic buildings, but lost.
The temple was built in Magelang in the 8th century by King Samaratungga of Sailendra dynasty Dynasty pyramid has 6 floors and symmetrical circular Terrace level 4, high total of 34.5 meters. Starting from the terrace of the square at the very bottom, the ride is getting narrowed with the calculation of the geometric sequence very precision get to the top and invites awestruck decak archaeologists.
Of the 72 stupas on the top of the temple arranged circular, making people forget about is essentially shaped Borobodur Temple pyramid.
Who Said Indonesia Had No Pyramids-2
2. Candi Sukuh, Central Java
The temple located in the slopes of Mount Lawu, Karanganyar is awesome. Aztec or Mayan pyramids of imagine in Central America, as that’s the shape of Candi Sukuh!
Cool atmosphere could be felt around the Candi Sukuh. Understandably, its location was at the height of 1.186 mdpl and amongst the expanse of tea gardens.
Candi Sukuh has a sexuality-themed reliefs. However, the architecture of the temple is a thumbs up. The temple is the pyramid shape of the bottom of the gate with a staircase in the Center and Summit of the flat. Exactly with the Aztec or Mayan pyramids.
Whether the Candi Sukuh showed no contact of the archipelago to the civilizations of Central America. Scientists have not been able to answer the mystery of Candi Sukuh that one.
3. Ancient Pugung Raharjo Park, Lampung
Pugung Raharjo at the Old Park Regency East Lampung is a complex of historic relic sites of Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam as well. There are many statues, inscriptions, the altar stone and a pyramid with the model punden with staircase.
Pugung Raharjo at the gate of a pyramid made of mound of land that is now cultivated green grass that preppy, not a pile of rocks such as Borobudur or Sukuh. While the stones on the gate at Pugung Raharjo, punden serves as a staircase and parapet around this pyramid and divide it into 3 parts punden with staircase, which is the bottom, middle and top.
4. Site of Lebak, Banten Cibedug
Perhaps many who do not know the prehistoric sites in the National Park of Lebak Cibedug Gunung Halimun, Lebak Regency, Banten. But here there are pyramids which again with the model punden with staircase.
From the official website, bantenculturetourism.com, cultural and tourism site of Lebak Cibedug covers an area of 2 hectares. But alas, the site of Lebak Cibedug isn’t easy to reach. It took a road trip from 4.5 hours to Attack the village of West Citorek, Kab Lebak, the nearby villages of Lebak pyramid Cibedug. From there, the trip continues with a walk as far as 9 km!
Indeed, the weakness of infrastructure is not a new story in the Regency of Lebak are criticized for letting the bridge almost collapsed is used by children to attend school. However, as a result, the pyramid of Lebak are near Cibedug outside the tourism radar.
Whereas a gate punden perform amazing with Lebak Cibedug trees already growing among the rocks of his pyramid. This makes the site of Lebak Cibedug so similar-similar to Angkor Wat in Cambodia or Thailand in Ayutthaya are overgrown with trees.
So, while we wait for the good news from a team of scientists on a mountain Pasture and Sadahurip, there is no harm in another pyramid used to visit us first existed in Indonesia!

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