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Sabtu, 07 Juli 2012

A Brief History and Biography of RA. Lasminingrat

Raden Ayu Lasminingrat born in 1843, the daughter of a penghoeloe Limbangan Sunda and famous writers of his day, namely Haji Muhammad Musa Raden Raden Ayu with Ria. After that was born two other sisters who Seibu a father, that is Nyi Nyi Raden Raden Ratnaningrum and Lenggang Kencana. In a study book on the struggle of Raden Ayu Lasminingrat work of Prof. Dr. Hj. Nina Lubis, MS, stated that Raden Haji Muhammad Musa very concerned about their children's education. He wants his daughters, amounting to 17 people from several wives that attend schools in the Netherlands.

Therefore, when there were no such schools in Garut, then Raden Haji Muhammad Musa established European school (bijzondere Europeesche School) to hire two teachers of Europe. In this school of European (Dutch) can go to school together with indigenous children, as well as boys mixed with girls.As a result, the ability of Raden Ayu Lasminingrat in the Dutch language very fluently, even Karel Frederick Holle, an administrator at the Tea Plantation Alert, Cikajang, praised him. Praise is expressed in a letter to PJ Holle Veth, among others, mentions that: "The girl who married the prince regent Garut, adapt appropriately fairy tales written by Grimm, the stories of a fairy tale (Oleg Goeverneur), and other stories in Sundanese language" (Moriyama , 2005:244).

K.F. Holle is very close to the children Raden Haji Muhammad Musa, including the Lasminingrat, did not even hesitate, Lasmingrat "nembang" in front of the KF Holle, who is sometimes addressed as "Mr. Kawasa" (Lubis, 1998). Role K.F. Holle revitalize Sundanese in very large, as evidenced by publishing books in Sundanese, giving impetus to the marvelous to write down their work and publish it. The book is told, Lasmingrat also involved in "Project" compiled textbooks Sunda with a given cost f. 1200 from the Dutch Government.In 1875, Raden Ayu managed to translate into the Sundanese, the work of Christoph von Schmidt, Hendrik van Eichenfels, the Dutch version was translated from the German language in 1883. Tjarita Erman title to which is written in Java script, printed 6015 copies. Then in 1911 published two editions, also in Javanese script. And in 1922, published the third edition, written in Latin script.Furthermore, in 1876, neither the Lasminingrat write a book Warnasari Miscellaneous Tales, translated from the work of von Grimm Marchen and JAA Goeverneur, Vertelsels uit voor het Kinderen Wonderland, Groot en Klein (1872), and beberpa other stories, written in Javanese script. Published in 1903 and 1907 editions of two and three. 1887, wrote Warnasari, Volume 2 was written in Latin script, then printed a second edition in 1909.

Raden Ayu Lasminingrat talent in writing, no doubt inherited from his father who is also a leading writer, who revived among the Sundanese language Sundanese marvelous, including the legacy handed down to his talent and Raden Raden Ayu Kartawinata Lenggang Kencana. Of some of his work, Raden Ayu Lasmingrat in making the translation to retell the story in a way alien to be "grounded", among others, the names of indigenous leaders who smells (for example: "Erman", "Ki Pawitra") or giving the Islamic color. In addition, try to instill in his native rationalism in the world still marked by traditional beralam superstition. Not only that, Ayu raden Lasminingrat also put forward about the knowledge base, be it of natural science is the basis of the source water (spring water, rain), on the light (sun light), plants, including how to teach about the God's.Raden Ayu Lasmingrat also is the author of the first woman in Sundanese, which uses the first person pronoun. He used the word "Koela" (meaning "I"). Usually at that time the author uses the third person in the essay-writing. This suggests that Raden Ayu Lasminingrat, despite having close ties with the Dutch people, but he could demonstrate his integrity as a person intellectually, as well as pioneering work in the world Satra.Raden Ayu Lasmingrat role is evidenced by the establishment Sakola Kautamaan wife in 1907, taking place in the Hall Garut gamelan. Then along with the change of name to District Limbangan Garut Year 1913. Two years after the change of name, R.A.A. Wiaratanudatar VIII of retirement, after a regent since 1871. Garut Regent position lap later by RAA Kartalegawa Suria, who still considered his nephew. Raden Ayu Lasmingrat finally moved from the pavilion into a house in Regensweg (now Jalan Siliwangi). This large house (now a Yogya Department Store). Until the age of 80 years he is still active, although not directly in education.

During the Japanese occupation, Sakola Kautamaan wife was renamed the People's School (SR) and began to accept men. Since 1950, the SR is turned into SDN Ranggalawe I and IV are managed Department of Education and Culture Regency of Garut. In the 1990s up to now turn again to SDN Regol VII and X. 

Note the author (descendants of the six RA. Lasminingrat_The source text is taken from the family genealogy and many other sources.

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